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Optical Receptionist

Posted: 06/04/2024

The key functional responsibility of the Optical Receptionist is to manage the first impression of the practice for all patients and guests. The Optical Receptionist is the usually the first interaction a patient or guest has with the practice, displaying the brand values and reputation is of highest importance.
The Optical Receptionist is responsible for welcoming all new and existing patients and guests to the optical showroom. This may occur via front desk reception, telephone, email, etc.
Job Responsibilities:

  • Greet patients in a friendly fashion in person or by phone conversation
  • Direct patients to sign in for their appointments or direct the patient to an optician to order/pickup eyewear
  • Coordinate phone inquiries and direct accordingly
  • Gather patient information that is not currently in the electronic health records                  
  • Communicate with Patient to update about pending orders and/or direct to optician
  • Enter all medical service charges in patient’s ledger with accurate date and insurance info
  • Take orders for contact lenses in store and over the phone
  • Accept all types of payments including cash, check, and credit cards
  • Be observant at all times to offer assistance as needed
  • Perform other duties as required
Required Skills and Qualifications:
Frequent Interaction with Others
Must demonstrate the ability to multitask and manage interruptions.  Always maintaining friendly interactions with patients, guests and team members of the practice.
Customer Orientation
The Optical Receptionist should be patient focused and display a desire work within the practice’s brand values to deliver exceptional customer service.
Team Player
Exhibits the ability to work well within the team environment, supporting all members of the team in delivering on the patient experience.
Detail Orientation
Must have the ability to maintain a high level of detail orientation. Accuracy and diligence with regard to patient records, scheduling and file maintenance is required.
Pace of the Environment
Must be able to work at a fast pace. Focusing on patient flow and patient experience.

Confidentiality Will be exposed to confidential information disclosure of which would be contrary to the best interest of the organization and professional ethics.