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Transport/Court Security Deputy

Posted: 11/15/2023

Job Summary

General duty transportation of prisoners as directed. Ensure the protection of judges, court officers, county employees, witnesses, and civilians in the courtroom, adjacent waiting areas, and county offices. Responsible for preparing various forms and keeping records on defendants and court activities. Provide security for detainees outside of the secure facility. Guard duty in hospital settings.  Respond to calls for service in and around the Sherburne County Government Center.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


The following duties are normal for this position.  These duties are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.   Other duties may be required and assigned.


Transportation Duties

  • Transport prisoners to and from Minnesota correctional facilities for required court appearances.
  • Transport prisoners form the jail to various medical, dental or psychiatric appointments.
  • Transport individuals from state and private hospitals for court appearances under chemical dependency and mental illness hearings.
  • Transport juveniles to and from secure and non-secure facilities to court.
  • Transport and stand by with inmates that have to go to the hospital on an emergency basis.
  • Remain with the inmate/detainee at the hospital to provide security for the duration of their stay at the hospital.
  • Transport U.S. Marshal inmates to and from the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Transport federal inmates for court, detention and release.
  • Transport Immigration and Naturalization Services inmates to and from the Immigration Building in Bloomington. Transport inmates for court, detention and release.
  • Handcuff all prisoners being transported. All prisoners from state correctional facilities will be required to wear handcuffs with the use of a security belt (leather or chain).
  • Remain in the halls and courtrooms with juveniles, prisoners, and individuals being transported for chemical or mental illness hearings.

Court Security Duties

  • Remain alert and ready at all times to control unusual or unexpected situations around the courtrooms.
  • Set up search operations to screen members of the public who seek admittance to the courtrooms.
  • Limit the number of spectators and media persons allowed in the courtrooms.
  • Forbid cameras and other recording devices in the courtroom, if the court so orders.
  • Use restraints in the courtroom on dangerous prisoners who are in custody, or witnesses, when appropriate.
  • Take extra precautions for witness security.
  • Take extraordinary security measures for multi-defendant and high risk trials.
  • Carry out lawful orders and directions of the court.
  • Maintain order in the courtroom, ensuring that litigants, attorneys, court staff and spectators conduct themselves properly.
  • Work and cooperate with the jail staff to safely supervise inmate movement from the jail to the courts.
  • Execute duties involved with a jury trial, including 24 hour jury sequestration.
  • Coordinate each court so that it runs on time and smoothly by checking in individuals for court appearances, county attorneys, probation officers, defense attorneys and social workers; assist the public by directing them to the proper courtrooms; and secure, document and conduct initial orientation of jurors.

Enforce all laws and arrest violators.

Serve warrants, summonses, and other processes on persons.

Assist other law enforcement officers, bailiffs, and corrections officer in their duties, as directed by supervisors.

Promptly submit all required reports and forms. Maintain and complete reimbursement forms and also monthly logs of inmates transported for the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Attend departmental meetings and various training sessions and schools, as directed.

Maintain proficiency with all issued weapons.

Maintain and arrange for service, upkeep and repair of vehicles in the transport fleet.

Administer preliminary breath tests for alcohol to defendants when requested by a judge. Escort defendants who have been drinking to the jail and set up an intoxilyzer test to be performed, at the judge’s request.

Assist the Emergency Services Director and the Sheriff’s Department with emergencies or natural disasters outside of the government center.

Place contraband into evidence and complete required reports.

Escort defendants to the jail to be booked and released.

Patrol and provide security for the Sherburne County Government Center:

  • Patrol the government center and the parking lot.
  • Respond and handle calls for service at the government center.
  • Evacuate and secure the upstairs court areas in the event of bomb threats, fires and other emergencies.
  • Assist in conducting building searches during bomb threats.
  • Provide extra security when dignitaries visit.
  • Provide security to grand juries.
  • Issue citations and warning tickets for parking violations at the government center.

Perform duties associated with court orders requiring a licensed deputy to enforce the order at the government center, such as no-contact orders and orders for protection.

May perform work at times other than normal government center hours, rotating shifts, nights, weekends, indoors/outdoors.

Process and document court documents involving jail prisoners. Must provide accurate written documentation to the jai regarding inmates’ outcomes from their court proceedings, including bail information, sentences, no contact orders, release orders, monitoring orders, and any other orders.

Perform other duties as directed.

Develop and maintain respectful and cooperative working relationships.

Regular and reliable attendance according to the department’s work schedule.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
Knowledge of modern law enforcement principles and practices.
Working knowledge of local and state statutes, laws and ordinances.
Knowledge of civil and criminal court proceedings.
Knowledge of security policies and procedures.
Knowledge of first aid and CPR.
Ability to maintain effective public relations and manage hostile or aggressive persons and situations of conflict.
Ability to prepare accurate and professional reports and paperwork.
Skill in working independently with limited supervision and maintaining confidentiality.


Minimum Qualifications

An individual must meet the minimum qualifications as stated below to qualify for this position.

Two-year Associates degree in Law Enforcement or equivalent as approved by the Minnesota POST Board and hold a current Minnesota Peace Officer License (P.O.S.T.) or ability to be immediately licensed upon hire.
Must possess a valid Minnesota Driver’s License.  

Must qualify under the selection procedures set forth at time of hiring.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment
Must be able to stand and walk for long periods of time.  Must be able to perform work typically involving some combination of climbing and balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling.  May involve lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of heavy objects, materials and people (100 pounds).  

Work is performed in a correctional facility supervising inmates incarcerated for committing criminal activities, in the Sherburne County Court and entire Government Center, hospitals and other facilities, and on the road for transports. This position encounters physically threatening situations requiring grappling with and/or subduing inmates.  

Environmental conditions include exposure to disagreeable odors and unpleasant items (body odor, dirty clothing, human feces), hazardous chemicals, communicable diseases (T.B., hepatitis, AIDS), mentally unstable individuals and individuals under the influence of controlled substances.  

Supplemental Information

Following a conditional job offer, candidates must meet physical requirements as established as part of the recruitment and selection process to perform essential job functions. Testing dates are TBD and will include (but are not limited to):

  • Hand grip strength
  • Weight lifting tests
  • Treadmill run
  • Stair climb, ladder climb, obstacle climb
  • Mannequin (150 pounds) drag
  • Body mobility tests (rotations, squats, bending, etc.)
Each test measures the ability to complete important functions often required of the position. Medical examination is also required and will be completed on the same date as physical testing.