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Material Specialist

Posted: 09/11/2022

Job Title: Material Specialist
Job Type: Long Term Temp (1 year or longer)
Location:  Elk River, MN
Shift/Hours: 1st and 2nd shift available (7am-3pm OR 3pm-1am)
Career Level: Entry Level
Education: HS Diploma/GED
Salary: $20-$21.60 Depending on Shift
1. Work in the stockroom/counting small parts
2. Material handling - utilize proper care and methods in all material handling operations including appropriate shelving, storage, and picking tasks
3. Data entry - enter and maintain data in any/all systems accurately
4. Inventory - maintain accurate inventory in computer and physical locations
5. Shipping - ship products, prepare documentation, and arrange transportation for shipment
6. Keep a clean work environment
7. Teamwork is key
8. Effective communication skills: read and write English
1. Criminal background check
2. Drug screen
3. High School diploma or GED
4. Verification of past employers
Physical Requirements:      
1. Lift up to 70lbs
2. Stand all day
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