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Agency Marketer

Posted: 09/22/2020

In the Marketer role, primary expectations are to increase an agency’s policies in force by contacting potential prospects primarily via the telephone. Using scripts, Marketers contact and inform prospects of the company's products or services for the purpose of securing sales appointments for agents or Agency Producers. Marketers are responsible for tracking marketing methods used as well as their outcomes. This role gives the Marketer a foundation on which to build a network through various channels, and learn to capitalize on prospecting opportunities by utilizing multiple marketing strategies. The long term career path for a Marketer is to become an Agency Producer.
During the first 30-60 days, the core job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
x   Contact businesses and private individuals by telephone in order to secure appointments for agent/Agency Producer follow up
x   Obtain basic prospect information such as name, address, and payment method, as well as current insurance and risk information
x    Record names, addresses, purchases, and reactions of prospects contacted
x    Schedule appointments for agent/Agency Producer to meet with prospective customers
x    Maintain records of contacts and activity
x    Adjust sales scripts to better target the needs and interests of specific individuals
x   Telephone or write letters/e-mails in response to correspondence from customers, or to follow up on initial sales contacts
x   Deliver prepared sales discussions, reading from scripts that persuade potential prospects to meet with agent/Agency Producer with the intent to purchase insurance products
x    Perform other duties as assigned
When the candidate is ready for licensing which may be as little 30 days for the right person, core job responsibilities increase in scope and complexity, as the Marketer moves through the
career path to an Agency Producer role:
x    Set FFR’s at the discretion and supervision of the CSSR/Agent
x    Begin to build own x-date database
x    Gather additional information in existing households/fact-find
x    Participate in social media campaigns
x    Participate in networking and community events
x    Thank current clients, provide updates on what the agency can offer
x   Send out cold and warm lead email fact-finders to be returned by prospects and quoted by licensed CSSR/agent.
x    Work Quote Not Taken database
x    Actively pursue defector opportunities
x    Help to develop new marketing methods/lead sources
x    Maintain ROI records for multiple lead sources
x   Have an active role in lead flow management and work with newer marketers to maintain steady access to leads/prospects
x    Research membership to appropriate networking groups or associations
x    Possibly join groups/associations to market agency
x    Communication: Has acceptable verbal and written communication skills
x    Teamwork: Accepts feedback when offered and works well with others
x    Business Results: Has ability to meet individual performance metrics and goals
x   Can understand marketing expenses vs. revenue and how that relates to a marketing budget
x   Drive and Productivity: Is able to generate great results from ordinary circumstances; prepare for problems or opportunities in advance; undertake additional responsibilities; and respond to situations as they arise without supervision
x    Innovation: Accepts innovation and improvement recommendations
Four-year college degree highly preferred. High school diploma required. Ideal candidate will
have basic PC and basic math skills, strong analytical capability, conflict resolution skills, bilingual capabilities (if applicable to the area) and strong verbal and written communication skills.
Note: This position may require the ability to work nonstandard hours/shifts, while maintaining a structured schedule during work hours/shift.

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