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Connexus Energy Volunteers Spruce up The Boys and Girls Club

18 Connexus Energy volunteers had an incredibly productive and rewarding volunteer event sprucing up the Boys and Girls Club of Elk River! 

They spent the day on June 7th transforming the landscaping with new shrubs, decorative rocks, and enhancing the front bench with paver stones. What a significant difference they made in creating a welcoming and beautiful environment to the grounds. Installing planter boxes for youth garden programs is a thoughtful addition that will surely benefit the community for years to come.

It's great that the weather cooperated, allowing everyone to work efficiently and enjoy the day. Events like these truly highlight the spirit of community involvement and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through teamwork and dedication.

Thank you to all the volunteers at Connexus Energy, you have truly made a difference in our community!

For more information about The Boys and Girls Club, you can visit the website here.