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Voting Begins April 1 for Poetry Showcase!

Voting Begins April 1 for Poetry Showcase!

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, the Sherburne History Center (SHC)
is hosting a Poetry Showcase! Submissions were accepted through March 15, 2024 and
public voting will begin April 1, 2024 and continue through April 27, 2024.

Poem viewing and voting can be done in person at the Sherburne History Center or online at .

Each vote costs $3. The winner will receive half of the
vote earnings in the form of a cash prize. The top three poems decided by popular vote
will be published in SHC’s next quarterly newsletter.

Sherburne History Center is located at 10775 27th Ave SE in Becker.

We strive to connect our community to the county’s history through free, family-fun activities,
educational programs, engaging exhibits, and public access to an extensive research
library and local, cultural artifacts.