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Employer of the Year Nominee: Blue42 Agency

Employer of the Year Nominee: Blue42 Agency

The award will recognize the company that has created an outstanding workplace and has a committed, effective, and motivated workforce as demonstrated by growth and/or strong retention. To receive the award, the business must be an Elk River Area Chamber member in good standing. 


“Jason, being only 39 years old and having worked so hard to successfully provide a multitude of services to the people and communities surrounding him is something of great admiration. Blue42 Agency started by providing web-based services to local mom and pop shops to now having opportunities to work with a variety of larger corporations such as the NFL Network, Fiocchi Ammunition, Cabela’s, Clam Outdoors, and Alumacraft Boats.


Jason has quickly grown Blue42 in the past 3 years, from having a year-over-year growth rate of 228% and going from 3 to 6 employees in 2017, to employing 14 individuals in 2018 with a 237% YOY growth rate. In 2019, Blue42 had a growth rate of 226% YOY and we now have 31 Blue42 employees. Jason goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service to our clients to help them grow and in return, they become his biggest proponents.


He donates his time, energy, and resources in any and every way he possibly can, not only to his clients but also to non-profit organizations such as Second Harvest Heartland and the local Chambers of Commerce. His work ethic and personal dedication to the growth and success of Blue42 is something that inspires and motivates all of his employees and peers.


Jason is very much worthy of receiving this award, to acknowledge his hard work, and to recognize him for all that he has achieved as an honorable leader in the business community.” — Michelle Zbacnik, Nominator 

About Blue42 Agency:

Blue42 Agency is a web and graphic design, photography, video, and social media company serving small and mid-size companies with digital and marketing services.

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What best practices for employee retention to you have in place?    

I believe that people should enjoy their careers and I want our team to look at their part at Blue42 as a career and not just a job. Encouraging the fun and flexible environment that we have contributes to people's success and them feeling confident and good about the work they do. Work-life balance is a must to me if you are not able to obtain that, employee retention can suffer greatly.

What do you look for in great employees?  

I look for someone who can easily adapt to our ever-changing landscape and growth of Blue42. We need someone who is going to be flexible in their day to day position to be able to accommodate the dynamic nature of a digital marketing agency and this industry as a whole. It's also important to me that new employees get along with and fit in well with the team so that we maintain a company culture that is both positive and collaborative. 

Tell us about your employee recognition programs.

An individualized plan based on each individual person is key. We want each person to look forward to their workday at Blue42 and to be able to achieve all of their aspirations and goals in life. We recognize each of our team member's efforts on a consistent basis to ensure that they feel appreciated for the work that they do and all that they bring to our company, including their behavior and attitude. Our leadership team is also structured to be able to provide coaching, mentoring, training, and even classes to give each person all of the "tools in their tool belt" to succeed.

Employee Testimonial:

“Jason makes sure we have an internal education and provide an overall process for a business service that is highly time-sensitive.  He provides the opportunity for everyone to be appreciated and feel valued. He provides people with the means to be successful and allows for their creativity in how they get the job done. He provides flexibility such as remote working arrangements or flexible scheduling that allows people to stay focused on the project and balance their personal life. He also provides generous time off.


He wants employees to be open-minded they need to want to be a valued part of the team. We are all outside the box thinkers that are adaptable. Jason also uses Strength Finder practices that help him build a team that has the right person on the right bus in the right seat of the bus.


Jason always shares the perks from customers as an appreciation for the often-long hours we put in on customer projects. He uses public recognition (social media) to “brag” about his people and encourages them to network with other digital agencies, to share their knowledge, and to learn more.”  – Mark Fisher


On behalf of all of us at ERACC, we’d like to say congratulations to Jason and Blue42 Agency on your nomination for Employer of the Year!


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