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Employer of the Year Nominee: Creative Kids Academy

Employer of the Year Nominee: Creative Kids Academy

Employer of the Year Nominee: Creative Kids Academy

The award will recognize the company that has created an outstanding workplace and has a committed, effective, and motivated workforce as demonstrated by growth and/or strong retention. To receive the award, the business must be an Elk River Area Chamber member in good standing. 


“Creative Kids Academy has been the best facility for my young children to attend. My husband passed away a year and a half ago and the love and comfort they have shown my children has been phenomenal to help them get through this tragic loss.” — Tiffany Kay Brynteson

About Creative Kids Academy:

Creative Kids Academy is dedicated to ensuring the best educational and child care practices to area families by providing incredibly special environments, enrichments, and experiences for the children in its care.


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What best practices for employee retention to you have in place?

Creative Kids Academy offers tuition discounts for employees with children, as well as offering annual bonuses. Rajiv is always willing to invest in both the staff and facilities. He wants staff to be empowered to be the best they can be. Creative Kids Academy, recently purchased a new program for students to have online assessments. This means the teachers can have their tablet right with them while working with the students so they can do assessments instead of the old way of paper reports. There is a culture of providing leadership to the staff and they appreciate that we are there to support them.

What do you look for in great employees? 

Creative Kids Academy looks for teachers and staff that have a passion for kids because that is what translates to the classroom. We want teachers that want to be creative and can plan what they want to teach in their classrooms because when they enjoy what they are teaching, it comes across in how they engage with the children. 

Tell us about your employee recognition programs.

Creative Kids Academy highlights employees with our Employee of the Quarter program.


On behalf of all of us at ERACC, we’d like to say congratulations to Creative Kids Academy on your nomination for Employer of the Year!

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