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Energizing Leadership for YOUR business – today and for the future

When you talk with anyone in business these days, the focus always seems to turn to staffing.  Finding staff and keeping staff is certainly more of a challenge than it ever has been. Many businesses are trying to recover from “The Great Exit” and getting creative to do that.  Reestablishing trust with employees requires creating a work environment that includes flexibility and good benefits.  Those benefits are not always in the form of health insurance (though that is still a big one).  When employees know that their employer is looking for ways to help them grow in their careers, it goes a long way to the loyalty employers are looking for.  It’s a two-way street now.  This trend will have an impact on our future workplaces and the future of business growth – just like the changes brought by the industrial revolution ushered in growth and prosperity along with cultural changes, so will this employee- led revolution that is leading us to 2030 and beyond.

The chamber is here to support you and your employees needs during this shift in workplace culture with two options for Leadership Training.

The first is our classic “Community Leadership” which has been a part of the chamber’s programing for over 30 years. Participants of our program get the opportunity to see firsthand how their community fits together and get a behind the scenes view of the many facets of our area.  This class combines leadership skill building with education about the community. In fact, the program is so good, we’re quite sure you’ll learn many things you didn’t know before.

With so many graduates of this program – we have decided to launch a new “leadership 2.0” program titled “Advanced Leadership”.  This program will focus more on skill development and team building.  This new program is geared toward the busy professional looking to advance their careers, their ability to lead and those who want to make a difference in their community. Some of the most sought-after leadership skills will be covered during this program.  Skills such as: building trust, teamwork, problem solving, emotional intelligence and time management. The program finishes with an opportunity to use these newly acquired skills to develop and execute a community betterment project – something you will be proud of long after your time in this program. 

Taking action and developing solutions is what business leaders do – here is an opportunity to help you grow your employees and provide a great environment within your business – letting your people know you want to see them grow too.
For more information or the apply for either of these programs you can check out our website at  or  



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