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Executive Director's Blog Post

Have you been hesitant to pay Facebook for your content to appear in your audience’s streams? Maybe you still remember the days when you could get good reach through just normal, consistent posting. Pandemic or not, those days are long gone. If you want your audience to see you—and you really need that especially now—then you're going to have to “pay to play.” But, it’s not as simple as just handing over money to Facebook and automatically getting the traffic and sales you want. You need to learn how to

If you have had time to look in your email inbox recently, it's likely cluttered with messages from big brands telling you what they’re doing as we're facing the global pandemic of COVID-19. The point behind these communications is to quell fear and reassure people that it’s safe to patronize these businesses. Here are a few tips on the things you need in this type of critical communication.

Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Debbi Rydberg, discusses how Elk River and the surrounding communities have adapted to the challenges associated with COVID-19, as well as how ERACC is helping community members through the pandemic.

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